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The main challenges our society faces today are, fundamentally, due to our inability to see the big picture. The world is too complex and the problems are too large for any individual, company or government to comprehend and address. To construct effective solutions to the problems at hand we need to see the interconnectedness and interdependence of all phenomena — we need to understand the full picture, the connection between entities, causality, influence factors etc. — and make decisions accordingly. To accomplish this, vast amounts of data need to be collected and processed to model the desired positive outcomes. The governance systems currently in use may no longer be adequate for the evolving societal and environmental complexity and may pose serious limitations in the near future1— we will need new systems, able to govern based on the interconnectedness of factors, able to collect and process very large amounts of input and provide access to the resulting conclusions for the complete information dissemination and acceptance. The goal of Consensus Foundation (“Consensus”) is to create and evolve this system.

Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence
Product: AI, Governance

Our team at Consensus just released the latest version for the Sentient Hub, with a new daemon, a new mining pool, a new miner, and a new logo.

#egov #blockchain $SEN #development

Consensus Update #12 - Consensus App Upgrade and Positive Steps

#govtech #blockchain #egov #governance #ai

Have you ever wanted to start mining?

Download our GUI Wallet and start passively mining using your CPU and GPU right from your desktop. See the the live stats of your hardware right from the graphical interface.

Start mining $SEN here:

Now with the help of VR city planners can run simulations to address city traffic or planned infrastructure.

Governments can do the same. However, instead of VR, citizen feedback will become a key driver in helping Governments make change in real time.

Conversation and listening is an important part of understanding citizens. which is why our Government facing portal will allow leaders to start the discussion with the knowledge of what citizens need.

#blockchain #govtech #egov #governance $SEN

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