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We present consensus methods, including Proof-of-Work, fail to achieve sufficient transaction throughput to satisfy the requirements of a public blockchain, or an application that leverages one. This also includes the mainstream exchange of the digital tokens that secure them. Additionally, transactions cannot be considered irreversible until several blocks have been mined. We present Cypherium, which proposes a hybrid consensus mechanism wherein a dynamic group of replica nodes acts as validator committee to determine the validity and order of transactions within a Byzantine fault tolerance-based blockchain system. In place of a certificate authority, the system adopts Proof-of-Work to establish node identities and enable its open participation. Leader election and transaction validation are decoupled into two separate chains to eliminate transaction confirmation time. Transactions are permanently recorded once verified by more than twothirds of the majority of members of the validator committee.

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We are deeply grieved by the passing of Dr. Wenliang Li, who was among the 8 people alerted about the corona virus. Unfortunately, the local police admonished him and his words were not heard until the situation was out of control.

Happy Lunar New Year, the Year of the Rat! To our community in Asia and around the globe celebrating, we are thrilled to enter this new exciting time with your support.

This decade we saw the crypto space explode under the leadership of Bitcoin, the investment of the decade. We can’t wait to see what the next ten years will bring to our project and the industry as a whole... Happy new year from the Sky and the team at Cypherium!

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