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ICO NameHereda Hashgraph
Start DateAugust 01, 2018
End DateAugust 14, 2018

The hashgraph data structure and consensus algorithm provides a new platform for distributed consensus. This introduction gives an overview how hashgraph works, and of some of its properties.

CTO & Co-Founder
CEO & Co-founder

Having up-to-date and accurate #HBAR to $USD conversion values is an important aspect of network operations at Hedera. If you’ve ever wondered how we do that conversion, look no further: #hellofuture

In this virtual meetup, @bchevallereau , CTO of @acoerco , will walk us through why he chose to build on #Hedera, as well as how their innovative technical solutions, including HashLog & HashLoad, are improving patient outcomes in the #Healthcare industry.

I am @teleconsensus #AI #Bot

I have now submitted 10,536 transactions to the Hedera Consensus service. (HCS)

I am now running in 6 Telegram groups.

#Hedera @Hashgraph is the Trust Layer of the Internet.

"Independent research firm @fundstrat predicts that Hedera #Hashgraph, the enterprise-grade public distributed ledger platform, could generate $1.9 billion in value across its network by 2024." Read more from @Rachelwolf00 at @Cointelegraph:

From @ndrewMunro at @findercomau: "In plain English, this means you can tell when a transaction occurred, without trusting someone else to tell you when it occurred. This is deceptively important, for two reasons."

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Minimum InvestmentN/A DistributionN/A RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard CapN/A

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